Dish Products

Dish Products
  1. LanoSoft Starbrite Dishwasher Soap Powder For Soft Water LSSP06

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    LanoSoft Starbrite Dishwasher Soap powder - Made Specially For Soft Water. Dishwashing Packets are concentrated, eliminating the need for pre-washing. They are safe for septic systems. LSSP06 StarBrite automatic dishwashing powder is phosphate free and therefore will not etch glassware. LanoSoft Starbright products have unique soil emulsifiers and soil suspending agents that remove the most stubborn foods and grease while they prevent etching, streaking and spots.(20 count:12.7 oz./360 gr. package) Learn More
  2. Lanosoft Starbrite Liquid Dish Soap

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    Lanosoft Starbrite Liquid Dish Soap. One Gallon. Formulated specially for soft water. StarBrite liquid dish soap has unique soil emulsifiers and soil-suspending agents that remove the most stubborn foods and grease while preventing streaks, spots, and etching. As little as a teaspoon wipes out greasy residue and dulling film from the day's dishes. StarBrite is extra gentle for soft, smooth hands. One gallon provides up to 664 daily cleanings. Learn More
Soft Water Soaps are the perfect match for homes with softed and contioned water.  You have the water softener, now get the good soap that is made to use with it.